At Beulah Acres we hand make each bar of soap right here in the kitchen on the farm. The milk we use comes from our girls Iris, Dolly, Bernadette, Maude, Pearl, and Edith. We got into goats by accident. We rescued Iris after she had been dumped in town in the middle of the night and Dolly while taking the Iris to the vet. Dolly had injured her leg and due to infection it had to be removed. Her previous owners no longer wanted her and we happened to need a friend for Iris ( goats are herd animals and don't like to be alone). As it turns out goats are wonderful, playful, curious animals and after a couple years we loved them so much that we decided that raising goats was for us.

     Then Sheila moved into a cabin on the farm and introduced me to soap making. She had been making her own soap for years due to sensitive skin and a desire to use more natural products. She now also had access to goat milk. We started making goat milk soap. As it turns out we like making soap almost as much as we like the goats (almost). We now make goat milk, hemp, beer, tea, and coffee soaps.

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Soap Sizes

Large - 3.25"x2.25"x1.125"


sizes are approximate

Our Locations

North East Arkansas

Shipping $1 per item Maximum charge $5

All soaps may contain : Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Canola Oil, Avocado Oil or Hemp Oil. 

We recommend keeping all handmade soap in a soap dish and dry when not in use.

Although some of our soaps smell delicious they are for external use only.